Monday, November 24, 2008

Congratulations to Yu Zhong~*

Congratulation to our STAR, Rynn for winning so many awards at the Yu Se Jiang Awards~*

Hope that Yu Zhong will produce and write more nice song for us in the future.

Also not forgetting to Congratulate the other Halo Music artist, Lee Zhi Ching and Will Er for winning a number of awards also.

Also Thanks to everyone that support Yu Zhong all the way and for buying original~*


waisoon_win said...

1st congratulation to Rynn,wish in future Rynn can make more best music as you all say...
beside tht,i have some question would like to ask tht this moment i have a lot of idea,have write down a lot of song any places let me post it?i'm not want sell it or else...just would like to get some commends from other peoples,weather my words nice or not?
anywhere,i'll leave down my contact address to get the contact from you all...
e-mail address and msn is
blog is

waisoon_win said...

congratulation to Rynn...
hope in future you can make more best music...i'll 100% support to you!!
this moment i have feel to write song words,usually have any place to post it to share it?
i'll leave my contact address here e-mail and msn is or
any suggestion plz contact me.

Anonymous said...

It is great for you.I think you are happy to get the 娱协奖and i also happy although i go to cameron at holiday,but i have been read the newspaper .I wish you every day happy!
ofcourse i also hope that you can be my干哥lo!