Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sukan Paralimpik 2008~

Sukan Paralimpik 2008

Yu Zhong together with Lee Zhi Ching, Phoebe Yap & Will Ng will be performing in the Sukan Paralimpik Opening Ceremony concert. There will also be other artist like MK, Revathy, Nimmy, The Lima, Amuk, and Sitharthan)

3rd May 2008, Saturday.
6.30 pm
Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.


Admission to the stadium will be free of charge BUT you will need to get your free passes from various places around the Klang Valley. Tickets will be distributed at Information Counters of Shopping Malls around KL. If you didn't manage to get any tickets until the day of the concert, you can still get tickets around the stadium on that day itself. Tickets will enable you to participate in the RM 60,000 Lucky Draw. (Sources : From the Paralimpiad Malaysia Press Conference)So hope that everyone staying around KL can manage to attend this concert and not only show your support to Rynn but also the disabled athletics that need your support.

Tickets will be available at Information counters of shopping malls around Klang Valley such as Sg Wang and also 7-11's. (Not conformed yet)

*This information may have some changes on time.

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