Sunday, December 9, 2007

Concert Pictures Part 2~

Rynn Lim Yu Zhong 1st Malaysia Concert~
Pictures Part 2~

This part Yu Zhong sang together with Lee Zhi Ching (both of them using thier guitar). Both of them sang the songs that they wrote for other artist such as Bao You Wo(保佑我)、Wo Men Bu Ku (我們不哭)、Ma Que (麻雀)、Ai Mei Guai (愛玫瑰)、Yue Bu Guo (葉枯過)、Zhe Me Ban (怎么辦)、Tu Bian (突變)、and Men Mei Shou (門沒鎖). Lee Zhi Ching will be releasing his album soon and Yu Zhong hope that everyone will support Zhi Ching as well.


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