Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yu Zhong In the Newspaper~

Yu Zhong In the Newspapers~

Sin Chew Jit Poh~
26 November 2007

Yu Zhong's fans group has grow a lot wider. Not only teenagers admire him, but kids no matter boy or girl also love him. One of the fan had the dare to challenge Idol Yu Zhong on the stage with the song Melodi. While singing, she even held Yu Zhong's hand. Yu Zhong as the ambassador for the International Chinese Bookfair, played games with his fans, signed authograph for his new VCD and also sang one new song ( True Colours - Shi Fen Yen Se).

A lot of the fans that was there at the Bookfair are mostly kids. Fans below the stage got too excited when Yu Zhong arrived to the stage, which created a small "situation" to the staff there. Staffs we're worried that kids could run up the stage and injured them self, so few of staff's stood infront of the stage creating a border to make sure everything was going fine. This day's fans of Yu Zhong are really smart. When the MC asked one of the fans on the stage to sing Yu Zhong's song, he told the MC that he is worried he will create a shame to Yu Zhong's song. But in the end he did sang a part of the song just to win Yu Zhong's poster.

* Top Pic - Yu Zhong with a young fan.
* Second Pic -Yu Zhong with the "smart" fan.
* Third Pic - Yu Zhong's fans at all ages.

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