Monday, October 15, 2007

Yu Zhong @ JJ's Shanghai 2007 Concert

Yu Zhong appearing as a special guest singer at JJ's Shanghai 2007 Concert~

14 October 2007~

After his filming in Langkawi, Yu Zhong flew to Shanghai last weekend for JJ 林俊杰 's Shanghai 2007 Concert. Yu Zhong was one of the guest artist for the night together with Jing Sa and also Ah-Do. Yu Zhong sang one of JJ's song from 89757 album "莎士比亚的天分"(Sha Si Bi Ya De Tian Fen - Shakespeare's talent ) and also one of the song in Yu Zhong's latest album "旋律" (Xuan Lv - Melody ). Yu Zhong used his guitar to perform that night.

Article from : 林俊杰个唱秀上海民谣 三种扮相演绎千年故事

Quoted from Paragraph 4

JJ and his 'shi di' (brother in the industry) , The Best Newcomer 2006, Yu Zhong, sang the song titled "sha shi bi ya de tian fen" and "xuan lv", the fans enjoyed their performance until they forget to scream.

JJ and Ah-Do
JJ @ the piano with Jing Sa~
Pictures from : Entertainent people

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