Sunday, September 16, 2007

988 GCMC Musical Party Review

Hello everyone~ Sorry for not posting anything up for the past 2 days. We have been travelling to Penang for 988's A Party! Seriously, the party really rocks! We started to wait since 4pm and we end up waiting in the rain and storm. It rain non stop since 5pm until the end of the show. Everyone taught when Yu Zhong perform sure rain even worst, but surprisingly the rain totally stop when Yu Zhong started to sing "In The Rain". Instead after he finish singing, the rain started again. All of us end up getting wet from head to toe but we all have to agree, it was all worth it.

Yu Zhong sang 3 songs that night. At first Kong Qiu Qian followed up with Ling Yu Zhong. And during the crossover session, he sang Melodi together with Jing Sa. Yu Zhong gave a lot of credits to her because even though she is not a Malaysian, she can sing Malay very well. Yu Zhong look really smart and cute that night.

To those who missed the event, it was surely a great loss but no worries i will upload the videos and pictures as soon as possible. Make sure you keep checking in!

Support Yu Zhong Forever!!!

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